Friday, November 20, 2015

The Best Al Capone Quotes

Quotes from the Mob Boss Al Capone

Al Capone as we know was one of the most feared mafia leaders in the history of the United States. His power was enormous and his wealth was untouchable. Since his passing which was a long time ago, his name lives on throughout the Western world. Merchandise based on Al Capone is still sold throughout a large number of countries and official tours of his residences, major actions and prison are still sought after today by members of the public. A majority of business that goes to the Alcatraz prison tours In San Francisco, goes due to Capone being imprisoned their for tax evasion.

Al had some astonishing quotes which have survived through the test of time. His best quote is based on prohibition which says ‘I am like any other man all I do is supply and demand’. With the public being disappointed about how much Capone profited from prohibition this quote went viral throughout the United States and across the world. Law enforcement were virtually unable to stop him from doing anything and all they could get him for in the end was tax evasion.

Another trademark quote is ‘you can get much further with a kind word and a gun then a kind word alone’. That is the most infamous quote for me from Al Capone. It has lived on until today and similar to fellow mafia leader John Gotti. Capone was quite intelligent despite his limited schooling.

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