Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Was He The Godfather and On The Time Magazine?

Was Al Capone the Godfather and on time magazine

Al Capone was the greatest godfather in the history of the American mafia. In close competition with John Gotti. Despite Gotti having a bigger army of soldiers below him. Capone started his gang from a much smaller number and built it up. In terms of a business analysis Capone would have been determined as more successful, however Gotti had more soliders under him. Gotti however had this number of soldiers below him when he came into the role as Godfather so he essentially inherited the Gambino family power.  Al Capone was on the front page of the time magazine such was his power throughout the United States. He had more power then successful corporate people throughout the United States and law enforcements were unable to charge him for long periods of time.

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